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Industry 4.0. - what are the key trends you should know about?

Manufacturers in the Industry 4.0. reality are challenged with addressing the ever increasing needs of connected, empowered consumers. Manufacturers now need to engage more deeply with customers and consumers to drive innovation based on their needs and find new ways to add value.


Traditional manufacturing organizations, with a heavy focus on operational efficiency, must now redirect their focus to keep pace with customer needs by creating new revenue streams through product-based services.


To remain competitive, manufacturers need to continue to innovate with cutting-edge technologies.


Adding chatbots to your processes can alleviate strain on human staffers responding to customer inquiries. Precision scanning machines allow staff to focus on other tasks while bots manage quality control. Freeing up your skilled employees to perform more complicated tasks heightens productivity as bots take care of the behind-the-scenes details.


Between production statistics and sales figures, you’re already dealing with a lot of numbers. But tracking all matter of analytics from employee behavior to manufacturing output will highlight ways to improve processes and training across the company.


In the manufacturing industry, your production robots may have sensors or software that send information to remote teams. Employee apps might track who’s working and when. There are endless ways the IoT transmits information and promotes efficiency company-wide.


We, FTS Data Sense, can help address these challenges and accelerate your Digital Transformation journey.



How FTS Data Sense can help your organization:



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