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Inspiring Examples of Digital Transformation

Inspiring Examples of Digital Transformation

Some customers embraced digital transformation to meet business challenges; others are doing so to meet pressing social needs in under-served communities and emerging markets. Here are some of the brightest examples:


1. Maersk

Maersk and Microsoft have partnered to revolutionize supply-chain management and global trade by harnessing the power of the cloud to support high-value assets, such as carrier performance, equipment utilization and supplier performance. The company is also using Microsoft Azure as its digital platform of record to power its app store and drive business model innovations.


2. The Yield

To feed a growing population, farmers will need to produce at least 60 percent more food by 2050. That statistic, in a nutshell, defines much of the mission behind the Yield, an Australian ag-tech company that aims to transform food and farming practices through secure, scalable digital technology.

For instance, the company is leveraging Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite to create “the Internet of Oysters.” By deploying sensors in oyster beds that analyze the water oysters drink, the Yield can make data-based predictions that are shared with growers and regulators via real-time dashboarding. This type of intelligence reduces unnecessary harvesting closures and saves oyster millions of dollars each year. 



Chocolate candies like M&Ms are easy to love, but they are only part of the story behind the success of MARS, the maker of Pedigree®, Uncle Ben’s®, Twix®, Life Savers® and many other world famous brands.

The company has embraced the cloud to boost their Associate effectiveness, enhance mobility, streamline collaboration, ensure data security and reduce IT costs.


4. Schneider Electric

Energy management, efficiency, and safety have been at the heart of Schneider Electric’s relationship with Microsoft. In fact, one area of focus for their partnership is closing the energy gap for the 1.2 billion people worldwide who lack reliable access to electricity. The company is using Microsoft Azure to optimize solar power plants that serve healthcare clinics and 172 schools throughout Lagos’ largest city. In doing so, Schneider Electric and Microsoft are channeling IoT technologies and energy solutions to ensure better educational tools and healthcare can reliably reach rural areas.


Each of these customer journeys is unique. At the same time, each one also reveals how digital can be used in so different type of industries as varied as agriculture, transport and logistics, manufacturing, energy and the social sector.



The article is based on materials from Judson Althoff

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