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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Advanced Analytics


The solution combines data sources in a single data model for 360˚ visibility of company performance.  Using Microsoft Machine Learning services  it uncovers patterns and trends to find cost and revenue drivers. With built-in industry KPIs, the analysis  and the insights are presented in compelling Power BI dashboards.


Data Sense for SAP HR

Using data to drive excellence in HR for recruitment, resource management and career development processes.   The solution enables HR managers and executives in companies with SAP ERP system to track important KPIs as...

Data Sense for SAP Procurement

Deriving more value from purchase data. Powering procurement department with insights to achieve better negotiation strategy, vendor account management and cost savings.   The solution enables procurement managers in...

Advanced Analytics for Transport and Logistics

You know better than anyone in the world that timing, execution speed, efficiency are crucial for being successful.   Based on the state-of-the-art Microsoft Business Analytics stack, the Advanced Analytics solution...

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